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About us

YAKORSEI is pronunciation of Japanese word 夜行者[Yakō-sei], means nocturnals, creatures that active in the dark or at night.

YAKORSEI Lighting Limited is founded to supply high quality and affordable LED flashlights. Here you will find products like tactical flashlights, outdoor flashlights, hunting flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, etc.

Features of our products:
1. Reliable

Our products are all made according to the ANSI/NEMA  FL1-2009 Standard, made of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and built to withstand impact resistance up to drop height which is higher than the height at which you may drop, to ensure to function well after daily occasional drops, and built to be submersible up to 2 meters underwater, so you don't need to worry bad weather or accident fall into the water.

#ANSI #Impact resistant # Waterproof

2. High value

Our products are of high-performance, however, don't you ever worry about the reliability of them, intelligent chips are used inside to avoid overdriving them, and allow them to present the best status to you.

Some products are of super high value, for instance, our TNO(tactical and outdoor) flashlights, they are built with 2 operation systems, the tactical OS and outdoor OS, you don't need to spend double the money to get a tactical flashlight and an outdoor flashlight, and you can keep your load lighter, what you need to do is simply switch between the OSs.

#Intelligent chips #Themo automatic regulation #Wrong battery installation protection #Constant current control #N in 1 design.

3. Affordable price

We have tried every possible way to cut the cost without lower the quality, for example, ordering bulk materials together with our OEM orders to enjoy a better price, eliminating unnecessary design in the products。

4. User demand orientation

Why we found YAKORSEI, how we found it?

The answer is simple, we just want to supply products to satisfy our customers. We do investigation for every product, you will see that what customers have been asking for will just appear on our products, and you won't see the things that our customers don't like. Without our customers, we can not be here now. Therefore, we would love to hear your comment on our products or your suggestions, they will drive us to supply better products to make our life better.


YAKORSEI offers warranty as below:
15 days free replacement: Product with any manufacturing defect will be replaced with 15days since the purchasing date. If everything is fine, freight will be on the customer’s side.
5 years free repair: Product with problem develops under normal use will be repaired for free within 5 years since the purchasing date, freight to us will be on the customer’s side, and freight to the customer will be on us.
Limited lifetime warranty: Product with problem develops under normal use can pay to be repaired even over 5 years since the purchasing date, freight to us will be on the customer’s side, and freight to the customer will be on us.
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